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World Altoball Trophy by WhippetWild World Altoball Trophy by WhippetWild
I originally drew thing to the previous image but, after seeing I got the wrong trophy drawn, I decided to use it for something else important.
Call it the "World Trophy".
It is like the World Cup but, different as its requirements vary between whom hosts it, and whom is invited. So it is an invitational-only Trophy.
So at times it can be very serious, with just the best national teams invited, or combination teams like Iberia, Great Britain or Australasia 
or taken less seriously, with States, or Provinces allowed to take part, like New York, New South Wales, or Yorkshire. And seen as a secondary trophy.
Originally created by France and Germany, as a rival tournament against the "Anglosphere" teams who were very strong and would win the 'World Cup' regularly, with all eight apart from Ireland and Wales, having their hands on, and names engraved on the base.

1903 [France]: 1st: England; 2nd: France;
1907 [France]: 1st England; 2nd: France;
1911 [Australia] 1st: Australia; 2nd: England;
1915 [France]: France 3-0 Brazil;
1919 (Cancelled by World War 1 events).;
1923 [France]: France 3-2 USA;
1927 [German Empire]: Holland 3-2 France;
1929 [Soviet Union]: Holland 3-0 Soviet Union;
1933 [France]: France 3-2 USA;
1937 [German Empire]: France 3-2 USA;
1941 [France]: 'Unofficial': France 7-2 USA;
1945 [France]: 1st: France; 2nd: Italy;
1949 [Switzerland]: CNA
1951 [Scotland] ('41&'45 WT) France 2-6 Scotland ('46 WC winners).
1953 [France]: CNA
1957 [France]: England 5-0 Soviet Union;
1961 [France]: Sweden 5-4 France;
1965 [Italy]: Italy 2-1 France;
1969 [USA & CSA]: CNA
1973 [Poland-Lithuania] CNA
1977 [France]: Poland-Lithuania 4-2 Soviet Union;

< To be filled > 1981, 1985, 1989

1991 [Britain]: 1st Britain; 2nd: Iberia;
1995 [France]: Iberia 4-2 Britain;
1999 [Iberia]: 1st Britain; 2nd: Iberia;
2003 [Germany]: Britain 8-6 Switzerland
2007 [Argentina]: CNA
2011 [USA]: CNA
2015 [Australia]: CNA

So far:
* France (six titles)
* Britain (three titles)
* England (three titles)
* Holland (two titles)
* Australia (one title)
* Iberia (one title)
* Italy (one title)
* Poland-Lithuania (one title)
* Scotland (one title)
* Sweden (one title)

World Altoball Trophy (c) :iconwhippetwild:

Altoball is a fictional sport, which is a mix of rugby and football and AFL.

p.s. Those other six "Anglosphere" nations are England, Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
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